After 16 years of memories and achievements, Xuhui campus will officially merge with Minhang Campus to become one integrated SSIS campus. The coming together of the students, staff and resources will make SSIS even stronger from August 2019. Coupled with the new and enhanced facilities all around the Minhang campus, our students can look forward to learning in a more comprehensive and immersive environment. All of our SSIS students, staff and families will be Coming Together to become ONE SSIS FAMILY!


What better way to build closer bonds than to have SSIS students and families from both Xuhui and Minhang campuses get to know one another, while establishing new friendships in the midst of learning and having fun together? A series of combined events this academic year are lined up to assist everyone in the transition process of Coming Together as One. 

Transition Events For Parents and Students

Prospective parents and existing parents came together for Transition Meetings. K2 and G6 students from both Xuhui and Minhang Campus also came together to tour the Primary School and Senior School.

Combined Parents Workshop 2: STEAM, Math & Science

STEAM, Mathematics and Science workshop which was held on 17 November 2018. It was a great morning meeting enthusiastic parents who were eager to learn more strategies to support the child’s learning.

Combined Preschool Super Family Day 2018

Our first ever combined Preschool Super Family Day (SFD) was held last Saturday, 27 October at the Minhang Campus. Together with families and staff from both Xuhui and Minhang Preschool Divisions, our little ones were treated to many games, food treats and fun!


SSIS Xuhui campus was started in September 2003 with 146 students to meet the demands of our growing enrollment in Minhang. While we bid goodbye to the Xuhui Campus, we celebrate the milestones and achievements of our close-knit Xuhui community!


A Day in SSIS Xuhui



I remembered last year, when I first stepped into the classroom, I felt really nervous and I didn’t know what I should do. But everyone was so friendly that i made new friends very quickly. Even though we have to move to Minhang very soon, I will remember Xuhui forever because it contains much happy memories for me.

SO Tsz Yan Yolanda 

President of Xuhui Student Council

Over the last 5 five years of my work in Xuhui, I am proud to see that Xuhui has built a sound curriculum that will develop our students to be global citizens of the 21st century. With the integration of the two campuses, I look forward to putting both Xuhui’s and Minhang’s curriculum frameworks together, providing the best of both worlds to our students. 

CHAY Kit See 

Assistant Principal Xuhui Campus 

I am glad my kids have been with SSIS Xuhui for the past three years, and myself with no regret in joining Xuhui PSG. While it is sad to know that SSIS Xuhui will not be around next year, but I wish that the essence of SSIS Xuhui can continue to shine under the main campus in future.


CHAM Sze Yen

President of Xuhui PSG Committee

At the Xuhui campus, the staff invite and treat one another like family members. We provide each other with assistance, support and care. We have supportive administrators, colleagues and involved parents. I look forward to the same positive atmosphere with our big family at Minhang!

NIE Catherine 

Xuhui Primary Teacher

I’ve been working for the SSIS for 11 years, and I’ve seen my progress and the growth of SSIS. In Xuhui, everyone has a friendly respect for each other, and takes initiative to help those in need, be they administrators, teachers, or students. I am proud to be part of Xuhui and SSIS!


Xuhui IT Department

Thank You & Best Wishes

Hear what our staff has to say…

CHAY Kit See

CHEN Yue Lin

CHUNG Frankie


Cherry CHEN



Interested to know more?

We have had parents and teachers asking us for more details.  Look at our FAQ list to know more:

Will my child be ensured of a space in Minhang Campus?

Yes. When re-registration comes about in March, all SSIS students are given a sign-up priority in order to secure their place.

How will my child’s class be allocated?

We hope to foster new friendships amongst all SSIS students, so that all will feel a strong sense of belonging to our SSIS family. All students, regardless of Xuhui, Minhang or new-comers will be given the opportunity to experience in the international community. 

Will class size or teacher to student ratio increase?

No. With combined teaching staff and resources, we will keep the teacher to student ratio to be not more than 16 students/class for Preschool, 22 students/class for Primary school and 24 students/class for Senior school.

How can my child get to know Minhang Campus?

This year, we have lined up a series of combined events for students and families. We will also organize open tours and transition sessions for existing parents to tour and know more about the Minhang Campus.