Q: Will my child be ensured of a space in Minhang Campus?

A: Yes. When re-registration comes about in March, all SSIS students are given a sign-up priority in order to secure their place.

Q: Will there be ample classrooms and learning spaces for my child?

A: Yes. In anticipation of an expanded student population come the new academic year, the Phase 3 expansion project has already served to relieve the space constraints faced by the ever-burgeoning myraid of programmes, initiatives and after-school activities that develop our holistic and well-balanced SSIS student. The commencement of the Phase 4 expansion project will add more learning and performing spaces so as to showcase the talents of our SSIS student population. We have estimated the total potential student population to be 1800.

Q: Will class size or teacher to student ratio increase?

A: No. With combined teaching staff and resources, we will keep the teacher to student ratio to be not more than 16 students/classfor Preschool, 22 students/class for Primary school and 24 students/class for Senior school.

Q: How will my child’s class be allocated?

A: We hope to foster new friendships amongst all SSIS students, so that all will feel a strong sense of belonging to our SSIS family. All students, regardless of Xuhui, Minhang or new-comers will be given the opportunity to experience in the international community.

Q: How will teachers be allocated?

A: The need to retain and recruit the best teachers is always an important focus for SSIS. That is why, we have many well-loved teachers who have been with the school for more than 10 years, some even close to 20 years! When both campuses merge, all staff will be redeployed in a position of best fit so that teaching and learning will be further enhanced.

Q: How will teaching practices and curriculum be different after the integration?

A: We aim to adopt the best practices, the best of both the XH and MH worlds and to create a new and improved SSIS Way. Teachers from both campuses have started on class observations and Head of Departments from each division will be coming together to work on curriculum frameworks and department handbooks to guide their staff.

Q: Will my child be able to get a seat in the school bus?

A: The school has unequivocally promised that for every child from Xuhui who decides to re-register for Minhang in AY1920, there will be a bus route that will address their need. Moreover, the time spent on a bus for any student will be capped to no more than 90 minutes under normal traffic conditions to ensure the health and safety of our students are not compromised. We will update the new routes when it is closer to re-registration period.

Q: How can my child and I get to know the Minhang Campus?

A: This year, we have lined up a series of combined events for students and families. We will also organize open tours and transition sessions for existing parents to tour and know more about the Minhang Campus.

For more enquiries, please feel free to email: ssis_campus_integration@ssis.asia

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