After 16 years of memories and achievements, Xuhui campus will officially merge with Minhang Campus to become one integrated SSIS campus. The coming together of the students, staff and resources will make SSIS even stronger from August 2019. Coupled with the new and enhanced facilities all around the Minhang campus, our students can look forward to learning in a more comprehensive and immersive environment. All of our SSIS students, staff and families will be Coming Together to become ONE SSIS FAMILY!

To facilitate a smooth transition, we have started the integration process as early as one year in advance. From school expansion projects, planning combined events to standardizing curriculum frameworks, each and every member is preparing for a bigger and better SSIS!

To provide ample learning spaces for a bigger cohort of students, we are commencing the Phase 4 Expansion Project. The project will consist of a state-of-the-art Performing Arts Centre and a functional teaching building which will house the Senior School Library, Art Studios and Science Laboratories. When fully completed, SSIS will be able to serve the learning needs of Pre-K to 12 students in the years ahead.